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» Welcome to Inaka Software

This site is home to the popular personal recipe database software/organizer for Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS, called Computer Cuisine Deluxe™ version 7.0!

Now with completely native iPhone® and iPad® integration with the FREE FileMaker Go app!

Computer Cuisine Deluxe recipe software is available as a download for both Mac OS X and Windows. Our Mac recipe organizer & database is fully compatible with the latest version of Mac OS X, including 10.9 Mavericks. Our Windows recipe software is also fully compatible with the latest version of Windows, including Windows 8. We offer full iPhone and iPad integration with the FREE FileMaker Go app! This allows you to transfer your entire recipe collection to your mobile device using iTunes, and even create, edit and customize shopping lists while on the go!

Computer Cuisine Deluxe 7.0 is available as a FREE demo download.

You can download our recipe database software by clicking on one of the download buttons above for your operating system.

For more information, please visit our Computer Cuisine Deluxe page.
» Latest News * Product Information
Computer Cuisine for the iPhone and iPad via FileMaker Go!
Take your entire Computer Cuisine Deluxe recipe collection with you in your pocket on the go!

Computer Cuisine Deluxe uses the free FileMaker Go app and is fully compatible with all iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad and Retina iPad!

Computer Cuisine Deluxe is now native for iPhone and iPad! Special layouts have been optimized within Computer Cuisine Deluxe to fully take advantage of all of the screen's real estate for multiple iOS devices. This includes scrollable screens for iPhone, and rotating layouts that adjust when using Computer Cuisine Deluxe on the iPad.

Computer Cuisine for the iPhone and iPad is made possible through the FREE FileMaker Go app available on the App Store!:

FileMaker Go for iPhone:

FileMaker Go for iPad:

Price: FREE (Available from the App Store; iPhone Version, iPad Version)
» Recipe Pack Downloads
Free Recipe Pack Downloads:

This area will highlight some of the FREE recipe packs you can download and import easily directly into Computer Cuisine Deluxe. These recipes are found on the Recipe Swap area of our message forum. If you have any recipe collections to share with other Computer Cuisine Deluxe users, you can post them to the Recipe Swap area and we may feature your set here as well. This is a free service to all registered users. Enjoy!

recipe news image94 Barbeque Recipes / BBQ Pack - Download a free recipe pack of 94 BBQ recipes! These recipes include everything from "Barbecue Sauce With Beer" to a "Honey Dijon Herb Marinade". This collection can be imported directly into Computer Cuisine Deluxe without any typing needed! Just visit the link below to register and download this recipe pack for free with Computer Cuisine Deluxe and import these recipes into your collection! Enjoy!


recipe news image200 Spam Recipe Pack - Yes, everyone hates SPAM in their email box, but that doesn't mean you have to hate it in the kitchen too. Forum user ChefJessica has compiled a collection of 200 recipes from spam.com that use this lovable little canned meat. Download and import them directly into Computer Cuisine Deluxe. Thanks, Jessica!


recipe news image700 Fish & Seafood Recipe Pack - Fish is an excellent source of protein and thankfully, it doesn't have the high saturated fat content found in red meat. Also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish & seafood are elements you can add to your diet to promote healthy living. This massive collection of 700 Fish & Seafood recipes can help you with some delicious ways toward getting the recommended two servings a week of fish into your diet. Enjoy!

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