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Default Selecting Recipe Databases

How do you delete recipe databases off the iPhone. I tried edit, pressed delete and the app dies and it does not delete the database. I only want to use one database and get rid of the rest.http://www.inakasoftware.com/forums/...s/question.png
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Default Re: Selecting Recipe Databases

You manage recipes from the database, then export them to your iPhone/iPad.
So delete any recipes you don't want from your database first, then output to the iPhone.

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Old 12-22-2012, 03:36 PM   #3
diver mike
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Default Re: Selecting Recipe Databases

I find that if you have personalized the names of the files you import, the first alphabetically is the only one the iPhone app sees. Is there a way of eliminating previous downloads from the iPhone/iPad? If not, I have to always come up with a name prior in the alphabetization than the last upload. Pretty awkward.
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