Computer Cuisine Deluxe Review Ratings Awards

Computer Cuisine Deluxe 8.1
The ultimate Mac & Windows Home Recipe database software and organizer solution

Computer Cuisine Deluxe is the award winning recipe organizer to help you manage your entire cooking recipe collection on Mac or Windows, including macOS Sierra. With Computer Cuisine Deluxe you can view, sort, print, email, search, share and manage your entire recipe collection either on your home computer or on your iPhone or iPad. With easy-to-use menus, and 1,001 recipes included, Computer Cuisine is the best recipe management tool at either at home or on the go!

computer cuisine deluxe ipad iphone imac laptop


  • Mac & Windows compatible
  • Compatible with macOS Sierra
  • Enter your personal recipes with ease
  • Free iOS companion app for iPhone & iPad
  • Create shopping/grocery lists
  • Create a meal planner to plan recipes for the week
  • Print grocery coupons at home with ease
  • Spell check as-you-type for error free recipe entry
  • Customizable pull-down menus to avoid repetitive entries

  • Photo tab to include photos for each recipe
  • Video tab to easily embed multiple videos for each recipe
  • Nutrition tab to include dietary information for each recipe
  • Conversions menu for easy calculations
  • Multiple text cleanup functions to fix fonts, colors, double-spaces, etc.
  • Search popular recipe web sites with one click
  • Find duplicate recipes easily to delete if needed
  • iOS recipe information adjusts for multiple iPhone sizes

  • Print recipes in multiple sizes including 3×5″ cards
  • Backup your recipe collection with one click
  • Optionally backup your recipe collection to Dropbox
  • Check off shopping list items as you go in the supermarket on your iPhone
  • Custom spelling dictionaries that learn as you go
  • 1,001 recipes included to get your started
  • Detailed User Guide included to give you tips & tricks
  • Free Demo download to try before you buy

Computer Cuisine Deluxe iPhone & iPad
Computer Cuisine Deluxe on an iPad and iPhone via the free FileMaker Go app


Computer Cuisine Deluxe is a desktop application available for both Mac OS X & Windows, including macOS Sierra. However, unlike other recipe programs out there that either don’t even have an iOS app, or charge extra for their app, Computer Cuisine Deluxe has a totally FREE companion app (FileMaker Go) which allows you to have your entire recipe collection in your pocket!

With Computer Cuisine Deluxe 8.1, the app will now adjust your recipe viewing/listing for larger iPhone devices like the iPhone 6/7 or iPhone 6/7 Plus. And right from your iPhone or iPad, you can search, email, and view your grocery list with ease. In fact, you don’t even need network coverage or data usage to view your collection…it’s right there on your phone, and it’s free!


You heard that right and that’s not a typo! I’m Mike, and I created Computer Cuisine Deluxe way back in 1990 where it began as a hypercard template to help my mother store her home recipe collection. In fact, Computer Cuisine Deluxe is the longest running recipe application for the Mac, and has expanded into a Windows version and a companion iOS app for iPhone and iPad. That’s really saying something. Computer Cuisine Deluxe has stood the test of time, and has come a long way!

So in an age when things come and go, or you might be afraid to invest in an recipe application that might hold your important recipe data in some odd proprietary format, well, never fear. I’ve always released Computer Cuisine Deluxe with the idea that your recipe data is yours. Computer Cuisine Deluxe always allows you to export your recipes in the most popular universal format possible, a tab or comma-separated csv file, and more.

So along with the fact that Computer Cuisine Deluxe has been around for over 25 years, it’s not going anywhere. So please give it a whirl, and download the free demo to see if you like it. It would make my mom (and me!) happy knowing that people around the globe are using something she inspired. 🙂


Unlike other software companies which may have a team of people working in a corporate environment, for over 25 years, Computer Cuisine Deluxe was, and has always been, shareware created single-handedly by me, Mike. 🙂

Coffee helps fuel my insomnia, and my insomnia helps fuel the development of Computer Cuisine Deluxe.
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Computer Cuisine Deluxe Review Ratings Awards