How do I get my recipes onto my iPad or iPhone?


In the most simplest terms, you use iTunes to simply drag your “Computer Cuisine Deluxe.ina” file onto your device’s FileMaker Go app documents window. I made a step-by-step video showing how to do this, and it is found below, but the basic steps are as follows:

  1. Connect your iphone or iPad to your computer.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure your iPhone or iPad is unlocked by entering your passcode on the device!
  2. Find your Computer Cuisine Deluxe folder on your hard drive.
    On the Mac, it will be in your Applications folder. On Windows, it will be where you selected the install location, possibly your Documents folder.
  3. With your iPhone/iPad connected to your computer, launch iTunes and select your device within iTunes.
  4. When selected in iTunes, your device will show all the Apps on your device. Scroll to the bottom of that list where you will shee File Sharing.
  5. Select the FileMaker Go app.
  6. When the FileMaker Go app is selected, you can see the FileMaker Go Documents on your device on the box to the right.
  7. Simply drag your“Computer Cuisine Deluxe.ina” file into this window.
    (What you are doing here is adding your recipe collection to the FileMaker Go app on your device)
  8. That’s it. You do not even have to sync your device. Your recipe collection is now on your device.
  9. You can then launch the FileMaker Go app on your device to view your entire recipe collection.

Below is the How To Video on this subject:

This video shows how you can add video links from within the Computer Cuisine Deluxe recipe collection to view videos from various sites around the web.


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