Can I have recipes organized by “Cookbooks”?


Yes, but everything is done in one collection…your recipe collection.
The Find Menu is what makes it all possible.

See, you can always use the recipe notes area (or any entry field) to add ANY information about a recipe. You can then later do a FIND for those recipes only to display or print.

For example, let’s say you watch America’s Text Kitchen on PBS and you enjoy their recipes. You can easily copy/paste their recipes from their web site into Computer Cuisine Deluxe. Then in the notes area you can say Recipe From: “America’s Test Kitchen”

Then, later if you want to print or view ONLY recipes from “America’s Test Kitchen”, you don’t need a separate “cookbook”.

You simply go to the Find Menu and do a Find for “America’s Test Kitchen” in the “Recipe From:” field, and only those recipes will be displayed. There’s your “America’s Test Kitchen” cookbook.

You can then go to the list menu to print all of those recipes only by checking them all, or selecting only those you want to print.

You can do the same process for just about anything, “My Recipes”, only “Cookies”, only “Japanese” recipes, recipes with “Chocolate” as an ingredient and so on…

The Find Menu is really powerful.

The Find Menu makes it all possible to have ALL your recipes in one place, and makes it’s simple to sift out just selected recipes based on what you want to find.

You can then click the “Find All” button from the Main Menu to be back in business, displaying ALL of the recipes in your collection.


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